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We Fear Naught But God - Pictorial

"Special Forces operators were carefully selected and trained to gather covert strategic and tactical information about enemy activities. They learned how to observe silently, harass the enemy and destroy selected targets – all behind enemy lines.

Frequently required to face great dread, they had to learn to control that fear in order to survive.

This book brings the reconnaissance soldiers – the Recces – to those who have wondered about what kind of men they were, their families, their heartaches, their sufferings and their achievements.

These men were not assassins who eliminated spies in hotel rooms. They were responsible men who had a sense of integrity and served their country proudly."


Availability: From the Author 
Pages: 432
Photos: 2000 +
Price: R500 [signed copy] postage excluded.
Print Size: A4
Printed: Gloss paper - full colour

Some photographs taken from the book:

On selection course

Special Forces members (Recce) as guard of honor. 

Teddy the lion at Fort Doppies

Some of the first Recce's in 1972